Dominica Employers' Federation

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    Occupational Safety & Health is a sine qua non

At The Dominica Employers' Federation, our focus is to add value to membership, and to improve their competitiveness, service quality and overall business success.  We do so through a range of service offerings targeted at increasing the capacity of the human resource to utilize skills and knowledge to drive the current and future strategies of the enterprise.  The Federation is the national employers body recognized as such by the local, regional and international communities of labour, employment, organization and "Word-of-Work" matters. We have been leading in this effort for the last 50 years. 

For less than xcd70 a week, you will have at your disposal, experts and professionals in the wide fields of labour-management relationship, enterprise development, the social and environmental responsibilities of enterprise, parliamentary lobbying, employment law and practice, arbitration, recruitment, performance management, training delivery, and a whole lot more. 

Why don't you inquire of us how we may be able to assist your enterprise in pursuing its goals, objectives, standards and dreams!